Cutting a Demo Reel

An editor’s demo reel is a chance to quickly show potential clients who they are and that their resume is worth taking two extra minutes to read.  But what makes a reel worthy of a viewer’s attention?

Here’s my most recent demo reel I just cut together this week. Some of my clips at the end will be replaced with color-corrected versions once I can get my hands on those.

The iMac Flashing Light

After coming back from a business trip, I came home to find that the hard drive had failed on my wife’s computer. It’s an older iMac, first generation Intel. We’ve never had a problem with it. And now that it is 6 months out of Apple Care, the hard drive failed.

After installing a hard drive and tearing through the cosmetic inside of the computer, I put it back together and started it up. It’s important to note that the very first step was taking out of the memory or RAM.

When I turned the computer back on for the first time, it turned on, but the display wouldn’t come on and the white light on the front flashed quickly. You can imagine my panic at 1:30 AM when I realized I would have to disassemble the whole computer again, taking out the tiny screws and putting them back in. Then I had an idea, what about the memory/RAM? I had put it back in, but maybe it wasn’t in all the way.

Compressor Repair: Still Haven’t Heard of It?

Some people still haven’t heard of one of the most useful programs around for the most problem filled application in Final Cut Studio. Compressor Repair will go into your system, do what it does and either fix your QMaster, tell you if you simply need to re-install Compressor, or whatever it is to get your Compressor application working again.

Here is the link to Digital Rebellion’s application:

Compressor is one huge reason I like Final Cut Studio. I am able to track multiple render times and now with Final Cut Studio 3, I can render out a project while editing another. How fantastic is that?