Q. Bryce Randle – 

Bryce has worked on Oscar, Emmy, Annie and People’s Choice nominated content. He has a story driven background in film and television editing. Bryce is an author and speaks to different colleges and various leadership programs about networking and building a great network. 

Nancy Randle – 

Nancy is a Creative Director and specializes in advertising and social content. She is a dedicated employee with client relationships that have lasted almost a decade. She reaches deadlines and see results on her content.

Abo Biglarpour – 

Abo is our main tech and has a creative brain. When the team has an idea, Abo is the one to make it happen. He has large and small tech companies on his resume and always takes projects to the next level.

Jared Tafua –

Jared is our cinematographer and producer. He is always able to see our vision and does it with style. Successful shooting days and completed projects are his specialty.