The Modern Editor Myth

I have a problem with what people think is the Modern Editor. The one I speak of is the self taught, do it yourself, do it all, one stop shop who has not learned through others while ignoring pre established workflow patterns. I’ve been teaching a once a week night class on Post Production at a local University and have only come to believe in this idea even more so than before. After reading Scott Simmon’s tweet/article about Bewaring of (Some) YouTube FCP Tutorial Videos I was even more convinced that the “modern editor” not only existed, but was growing in the ranks.

What you should know about my past is that I am primarily self taught, so I don’t think that in and of itself is the issue. ┬áIt’s thinking that being self taught is enough. I think it would be better to hand out some pointers rather than to say what I think is wrong.

– Find a mentor, be an assistant editor.

FCP: Syncing Video and Audio Using Merge Clips

In class this week I went over how to sync your audio and video using the Merge Clips feature of Final Cut Pro.
I made a quick video of it and even though you can’t hear the audio or video of the clips in FCP (still trying to figure out this option in Screenium that I just got in the App Store), you should be able to understand how to do this correctly.

I also showed another way I have seen people do it with more troublesome clips, syncing on the timeline and then using match frame. When you have a lot of video and audio that needs to be matched up, or more audio than video clips like the files I gave out for the midterm, it is helpful to see how many clips do/don’t have matched audio.