AJA IO Express Video Review

A short video review of the overall use of the AJA IO Express while I used it over 30 days. I used it with Avid Media Composer 5.5, Final Cut Studio and part of the Adobe Production Premium. I’d give it a 4 of 5 stars at the moment, but in the future I can see it having a full 5 stars once Avid and AJA start to work together more in the future.



Getting Familiar with the AJA IO Express

I got my hands on an AJA IO Express and so far I am loving it. As I have explained before, I decided to go with a the 17 inch MacBook Pro for my home editing system because I usually work in other offices where Mac Pros are provided. The AJA IO Express is a great upgrade for my system. It’s takes it up a step or two in terms of making me feel like I have a complete system on the go or in the office. So far I have used it with Avid Media Composer 5.5 (seems that my H.264 AMA media is a bit more stable so far, but I haven’t gone past 5 minutes in a sequence), Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

I hooked it up to my machine while working as a VFX editor on a feature at BluFire Studios. I was going through the different reels of the film and some footage really stood out to me like it never had before. There were a couple scenic shots on the 5D Mark 2 on this film while the rest of it was shot on the RED. Whoa, the 5D stuff just doesn’t compare to the RED, but I hadn’t noticed this as much before while using my second monitor as another display rather than going through a piece of hardware like the IO Express.

A couple of things you should know if you are setting up the AJA IO Express for the first time.