Starting with Compressor

Here is a post for getting started with Compressor. In most cases, you have the software and have no idea what it does or how it could save you a lot of time or you just never learned it. That’s okay. I am surprised how many people use Final Cut Studio, but don’t take advantage of this huge timesaver. The best part about FCP7, to me, is that you can render using compressor in the background while you continue to edit in Final Cut Pro.

However, for this post, let’s talk about getting started. You have an AVI or MPEG file and you want to make it editable in Final Cut Pro.

Open Compressor.

Changing Red Color Data in Media Composer 5

I don’t work with the RED all too much, I do use it from time to time. One of the new advantages of Media Composer 5 is the ability to import R3D files through AMA and edit them natively.

I loaded up some files on my MacBook Pro (without any other accelerator attached, like the MXO2 mini) and started to edit some pieces. It stuttered here and there, but I put most of the blame on the speed of my computer. I changed the draft quality to “best performance” (all yellow if you read the last blog post) and it seemed to work very well. I think it works better than the H.264 through AMA edit, but more on that another time.

iPhone 4 Camera: Test on Colors Outside

I have been out of town for a while networking, going to the NHL Draft for another blog and waiting in line for iPhone 4. I took some time after appointments to test the iPhone 4 camera at a place that had all sorts of different colors, lighting and movement. What better a place than Disneyland? In this piece I was mostly trying to see how all the colors would be taken in without any correction. Red. Check. Orange. Cool. Yellow. You get the idea. Please watch in 720p to get a better idea of the colors.

Here is another I shot in a backyard of my son singing the SNL short throw it on the ground.