I Will Judge You By Your Sequence

This is the sequence that inspired my post. It isn't the worst I have ever seen, but you get the idea.
This is the sequence that inspired my post. I should add that there is no compositing on this timeline and most of the titles are included in the after effects rendered movie files. It isn't the worst I have ever seen, but you get the idea.

As a freelance business, I visit many offices from which I have received a problematic phone call. “Our in house editor is sick/vacation/doesn’t work here anymore/gave up/ran away and we need someone to come fix, um, I meant finish our production/broadcast/video for us.”

Learning on Avid and Final Cut Pro nearly at the same time taught me a very important lesson about video tracks. Get rid of them. If your show is going to color correction especially you don’t want to send an EDL to the colorist with 6 tracks of video with 70% clips that don’t need color. It’s a bad habit.

I noticed that some editors like to have 4-5 videos tracks and more than 80% of the clips are disabled or covered up by layers of clips on higher tracks. Sometimes they are there for the sake of knowing where the video is to the existing audio track you have on the timeline. Your sequence should not be your bin. There are other tools for organizing media. Now, there are such things as selects sequences, match frame, reveal master clip (FCP)/ find bin (avid) that will help you keep track of the media.

Overall this is mostly a rant. If I walk into your project and see layers of video piled up, I will judge you by your timeline.

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