Embarrassed of Edits

Have you ever cut something you are embarrassed to watch again? Do you feel sorrow everytime you hear the music cue on the television/youtube?

I once cut a piece for someone and was completely disgusted with how it turned out. I was booked on to another show and left the first job (ran out of budget) for another. The director proceeded to finish the rest of the show by themselves. I didn’t really want to leave the show because I like to see how projects go until the end. I was told we were about 95% done when I left  so I wasn’t too concerned.

I showed up to the viewing.

It was awful. It was painful. I was so embarrassed just to even have my wife there. Ugh.

What should I have learned from the experience? Well, I did the right thing for myself by not working for free, but it sure sucks to see your work become… blah. Just a few thoughts.